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We Help Bridge the Gap Between Small Businesses and Patrons.
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Why Add your Business?Because we can expand your Customer Base

Whether you run a small resturuant or a clothing store, you can add goods to your page for direct purchase through the mobile app or website. You are given the option to allow preorders also the ability to give real time updates via the mobile app or the website.

Don't have a business? That's okay! Here's why you should JOIN

You can host an event with your friends or keep up with new upcoming events from people you follow. Also you can purchase items from an large collection of businesses on the go, anywhere. Whether grabbing that new outfit from your favorite vendor at a fashion show to parts from a small bicycle shop, you can purchase goods directly from the app. We even allow pre-orders from mobile businesses around the globe. It's all possible on IndieAbbey.

Our Mission.Helping Small Business Grow

Our goal is to help facilitate the needs of business owners and everyday patrons across the world by creating a very simple yet elegant solution to maintaining their marketing, ticketing, payments, B2C and B2B collaborations in one place.